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    What is it that we love about Karen Carpenter?


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    What is it that we love about Karen Carpenter?

    Post by Admin on Sat Feb 06, 2010 2:50 am

    Karen Carpenter was born on March 2, 1950. She was one of the world’s best known and loved singers of the 1970’s. With her brother Richard the duo Carpenters was formed. Richard was the brains and creator of the music. While Karen was the voice, the face and the personality of the band, not to mention a fantastic jazz drummer also. On February 4, 1983 she died of complications due to anorexia. This was a very sad and shocking day for the world. It was sad because Karen was really a sweet lady who was loved by millions. Many considered her to be like a sister to them, because her voice was that close and personal.

    It’s 2010, seventeen years after Karen’s death and the world still loves her. Her voice still manages to sell about 3 million units worldwide each year. In many parts of the world Karen Carpenter’s voice is just as popular now as back in the early to mid 1970’s. In 2005 Carpenters reached #4 in the UK with the Gold Greatest Hit compilation, while in the U.S. the compilation is certified Gold as was the Close To You: Remembering The Carpenters DVD. In 2002 “As Time Goes By” reaches #18 on the Japanese charts and the 2009 compilation 40/40 became their 4th Japanese chart topper.

    Now comes the question; why do we still love Karen Carpenter? The obvious would be to say because of her crystal clear voice. This is true, the world does by all means love her beautiful voice. Many people go so far as to call her the finest female vocalist of all-time. But, there’s more to that love which the world feels for her. It’s deeper, even than the dark depths of Karen Carpenter’s voice.

    Many people have claimed that Karen’s voice and the music of the Carpenters has been instrumental in relaxing them and that it has helped them to breath easy and take life one day at a time. This does hold a good amount of truth as the relaxing elements of the music and Karen’s voice can have an affect on the workings of our bodily functions. This relaxed state gives brings the listener to a closer and more personal involvement with the music and most predominantly the vocalist (Karen Carpenter).

    But, it goes further than just getting a relaxed and refreshing feel from the music and the voice. It goes into the person of Karen Carpenter. Many people have claimed that when they listen to her voice they feel as if she’s right there in the room with them. Like they’re listening to a friend sing. There was something very personal about Karen’s voice that made people actually feel that they knew her and were friends with her. Many people called her their very own “lead sister”.

    People love her because her persona is one of always having been that unaffected down to earth girl next door, despite all her issues with eating disorders and dealing with fame. The public felt they could relate to Karen because she was not your typical superstar. Karen Carpenter seemed like a “real person”, she was not this blown up demigod that was larger than life. She was this seemingly simple girl who happened to be a great singer and drummer.

    Than you add in the fact that she was also a drummer. And not just any drummer, but a well tuned jazz influenced drummer. Her chops are precise with perfect timing. In the early years of the Carpenters you had this petite girl who stood 5’4” and sang like an angel sitting behind her drum set banging away with the music and just enjoying herself to the maximum. Her face always seemed to glow when she was playing the drums. You could feel her joy and happiness form her every facial expression. It made you feel like you were right along with her playing the drums. She put so much joy and energy into everything she did. You just couldn’t help but love her.

    You can hear her zest for life when she speaks in the many television and radio interviews she did. Karen Carpenter was a delightful conversationalist. She just as talented in conversation as she was in music.

    Simply put, why do we love Karen Carpenter? She had an irresistible personality who was full of vivaciousness and joy.

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